MAGDEELUV | Realize Your WHY

MAGDEELUV | Realize Your WHY

Realize your WHY. Start doing what you really want. MAGDEELUV
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Opportunist and efficient.

Things need to be done with me. I always need to move forward.

I feel good when I empower people.


Being a Rich and Successful Great Dad

I believe in giving back. Being a Dad makes my dream on this earth achieved. Being Great means that I am raising to the best of my knowledge two young girls who will be educated, intelligent and will pursue their dreams by helping others.

Richness gives me more choices for myself and others. Richness is based on wealth and also on knowledge, health, friends, and cultural learning.

Being successful helps me to be known and reach more people with my message that I want to pass on.

Director of Dreams Fulfilment


Awake dreamer with a gigantic heart.

The most patient and explicit pedagogue.

I feel good when I see some smiles and sparkles in the eyes


Help people everywhere I GO and have all the time I want with the people I love

I am a person who loves to give back. Whether with my students, my family, my friends, the people I meet while traveling, or anyone else on Earth, helping others brings me joy and happiness. I feel good when I see a smile or a face light up. I feel that I am accomplishing something and my heart grows bigger when I see that I can make the slightest difference in someone’s life.

When you have all the time you want, you have the greatest wealth.

To be able to reach this level, you have to be financially free. By being so, I can give back when and how I want and I can do whatever I want when I want to.

In addition, if I can give back, do what I like, and be with the people I love, my WHY is complete.

Having a big family, being free, helping people as much as possible are the few reasons that have helped me determine my WHY.

Chief Happiness Officer

Realize your WHY. Start doing what you really want. Fountain


Two years and a half ago we have decided to make a change.
Focus on us so we can focus on others.

For the last decade we have been helping other people, companies, organizations succeeding with their BRAND.
10 years later we realized that we have gone nowhere.

Yes, we have learned.
Yes, we have met fantastic people so we did not really go sideways; but the BRAND did!

So, we decided to start living the life that we have always wanted.

Financially we had to go over some challenges to make it possible but we did not care.
We are now doing the things that are really important for us and down the path we have realized that we are helping more people because of that.

So start doing what you really want and care about.
Starting now!

We strongly believe that our journey is enhanced by helping you realize your WHY.

By disclosing our message, we want to help thousands of people take control of their lives.

It is not enough to dream at night, it is possible to realize everything when we are awake.

-Make It Happen-
-Hakuna Matata-

MAG Top 5:

DEE Top 5:

+Write a best seller
+Play the guitar
+Have 6 kids
+Produce a big screen movie
+Help 10 000 people
+Participate to a national danse competition
+Play the piano
+Have 4+ kids
+Visit the following continents (Africa, America, Asia, Europe, Oceania)
+Publish a book
If you believe that someone can help us realize our five major dreams of life please send him/her our information or invite them to email us at [email protected]

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